Trick or Treat

The lights flicker and my heart is racing, the closer I get inside the more scared I feel. Each slow paced step I take the floor boards creaked in the sound of horror! As I reach for the stair rail spider weds stick to my fingers. The stair way feels like it goes on forever, but I finally get to the top, something feels strange about this house. “Ahhhhh”.

Earlier that night I was trick or treating with my best friend Chloe. We had collected a bucket full of lollies but we needed one more house to collect from. We came by this old, dark and gloomy house at the top of an old hill that no one had ever been. They say that a boy used to live there and every night at 5pm he would watch the kids play and laugh. One day he mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again. Some say he is still watching and waits at the window.

“Ahhhhh, my leg is stuck! Chloe help” I desperately scream, a small dark figure is coming towards me. I panic, my body is frozen, I try to move my legs to escape but nothing can move. The dark figure comes closer and closer and suddenly I feel coldness. Goosebumps are crawling up my body as I struggle to breathe. A hand grabs my ankle to try and pull me down, but I fight back. The hand lets go, I pull my leg free and run.

I tripped down the stairs and look back to see the dark figure is following me. Blood is dripping out of my knee but that’s not my biggest problem right now, I reach for the stair rail to pull myself up to run for the door. As I reach for the door knob suddenly I fall into deep darkness. Chloe hears a scream and sprints to the door. The door creaks open Chloe finds a hole with a phone on the opposite side, she rings her best friend and the other phone rings. The dark figure walks towards Chloe, she sprints down the hill and goes home. From the day on she remains in the hole and was never heard of or seen again.


Ahhh…  it’s only a dream I say to myself. My dogs were barking as the wind blew harder and harder. Lightening crashed and the thunder was going mad. My mind wanted to leave but my body was stiff. I suddenly rose off my bed and my legs were taking me to the basement. Oh no no the basement. The basement is filled of bad things, Dolls, puppets and all things creepy. Bang! The locks behind me. Now I freaking out.

I see a light, shining in one of  the rooms. There is a chair in the middle of room with a doll sitting on the chair, looking into my eyes, like it can see my soul. The lights turn off and I don’t know what to do. I fall to my knees and cry. A hand reaches out and touches my shoulder. I jump and I look over but nothing was there. Okay I am now loosing the plot. I hop up and feel for the switch. Thank god the lights are on. Wait, this isn’t the basement ,where am I?

I find myself in a room filled with nothing. I’m trapped! No doors, no windows and no way I can escape. I start to cry. I feel like my life is over and no one will see me again. I sit down and think, I’m not sure if this is real or not. I pinch myself to see if it’s a dream. Ouch! Ok, this is real. I turn off the lights so I can die slowly, in pain and agony. I don’t think there is a way to survive or even live. A voice in the back o my mind says ” Ruby, I know you don’t want to live but you have to believe in yourself and all things good will come your way.”

To go home all I need to do is do what I did to get here. I turn off the lights back on and I’m back in the basement. But I’m still stuck here with this stupid doll. I go up to the door and scream my heart out For Mum to open the door. The door creaks open and it’s Mum. I hug her tightly and don’t want to let go. Mum grabs a blanket and lays me in front of the fire. I’ll never step foot in there again.

Online Web Store-Maths


In Maths we have been learning about fractions and percentages. Our task was to do an online store. We had to have 15% profit and have some discounted goods to lead in buyers. We had 6 days to complete and show our classmates. I learn’t to use percentages and how to make an online store. The challenges I had to overcome were one of the websites we used were hard to make and the other website we ended up using all 15 product we could have. Overall we used our time well and completed our website on time.

R.E- homework


  • Charity, she helps out at Sacred Heart by setting up for open days and school gatherings.
  • Joy, She always makes me feel happy.
  • Patience, she likes to wait patiently for things.
  • Kindness, she bakes me sweets to eat.
  • Generosity, she offers to look after my brother and I.
  • Gentleness, she calms me down when I’m nervous .

Rainbow Poem

Red makes me feel angry and stressed. Red is the colour of roses and love hearts.

Orange makes me feel bright and bubbly. Orange is the colour of pumpkins and oranges.

Yellow makes me feel warm and cosy.  Yellow  is the colour of  the sun and bananas.

Green makes me feel moody and sick. Green is the colour of trees and herbs

Blue makes me feel tired and sad. Blue is the colour of  the sea and water.

Footprint Challenge

I did the footprint Challenge and if everyone was like me it would take 2.9 earth’s for enough resource.  I would cut down on the takeaway and, ride more and walk more. I would also recycle more.